English File

Intermediate, B1

Kursnummer 18F-005

Frühling 2018

A general English course for adults. Motivating topics and attractive design.

English File provides the learner with a wide range of interesting topics, contemporary texts and dialogues. DVD-ROM, online-workbook and extra support help the students revise what they have learnt. The students practise the foreign language in a context which is relevant to a busy adult’s everyday life.

Voraussetzung: „English File“, Intermediate, Files 1-3

Lehrmittel: „English File“, Intermediate (third edition), Oxford University Press


Petra Moos, Sins   [Portrait]


Kantonsschule Zug, Trakt P


12 Kursabende, 18.30-20.00 h
ab Montag, 19. Februar 2018


Mo, 19.2.18, Mo, 26.2.18, Mo, 5.3.18, Mo, 12.3.18, Mo, 19.3.18, Mo, 26.3.18, Mo, 9.4.18, Mo, 30.4.18, Mo, 7.5.18, Mo, 14.5.18, Mo, 28.5.18, Mo, 4.6.18


CHF 378.00

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min. 6, max. 12

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6 Plätze frei