English File

Intermediate, B1

Kursnummer 18F-005

Frühling 2018

A general English course for adults. Motivating topics and attractive design.

English File provides the learner with a wide range of interesting topics, contemporary texts and dialogues. DVD-ROM, online-workbook and extra support help the students revise what they have learnt. The students practise the foreign language in a context which is relevant to a busy adult’s everyday life.

Voraussetzung: „English File“, Intermediate, Files 1-3

Lehrmittel: „English File“, Intermediate (third edition), Oxford University Press


Petra Moos, Sins   [Portrait]


Kantonsschule Zug, Trakt P


15 Kursabende, 18.30-20.00 h
ab Montag, 19. Februar 2018


Mo, 19.2.18, Mo, 26.2.18, Mo, 5.3.18, Mo, 12.3.18, Mo, 19.3.18, Mo, 26.3.18, Mo, 9.4.18, Mo, 30.4.18, Mo, 7.5.18, Mo, 14.5.18, Mo, 28.5.18, Mo, 4.6.18, Mo, 11.6.18, Mo, 18.6.18, Mo, 25.6.18


CHF 370.00

Anzahl Teilnehmer:

min. 6, max. 12

Anzahl freie Plätze:

12 Plätze frei